Here at LSI You Will Find...

  • Group and private swimming lessons and parties
  • Year round programs in a large indoor heated salt water pool (perfect for those who are sensitive to chlorine)
  • Programs for all ages
  • Lessons which follow the American Red Cross program, along with some Total Immersion and Olympic techniques
  • Shower, changing rooms and an enclosed playroom for younger children


Thank you for visiting Lifestyle Swimming Instruction (LSI) in Boise, Idaho. For those of you who are new to LSI, my name is Susanne Van Buren. I have been a WSI certified instructor since 2000. I specialize in helping children and adults overcome their fear of the water. I also enjoy coaching all ages for competitive swimming.

Here at LSI we create a safe, positive envoronment to give each child a chance to be noticed. We motivate and fascinate children in fitness and learning to enrich their self worth and self esteem. We teach children in a loving way and give them the correct skills in the beginning so swimming can last their whole life. We believe good swimmers need a solid foundation, so we will not just teach you how to survive to get across the pool, but we will teach you how to relax your body in a way that getting across the pool is fluid and not stressful. This does take time and practice and that is why we do LSI year around.

Great Fun!

What sounds the most fun? Basketball, Football or CANNONBALL?

Ask any swimmer that has learned how to swim at LSI!

Love to Swim!

Swimming is year-round here for a reason! We want your children to learn to swim and love the water like we do! Do not let the snow keep you in doors! They will thank you when they are older!

Snow Days?

If roads are not good we will cancel classes, since we want you all safe! Closure notices will be sent out in email the night prior to classes, so you can plan. All make-ups can be made within your choice of a session by doing 2 classes on a day we have classes, since schedules are difficult to change. We work with our swim families! We want you to keep swimming, so we can keep teaching!

See the Calendar page for dates, and the Classes page for times.

Quick Notes...

We appreciate you taking the time to have your children learn to swim at LSI! THEY WILL THANK YOU WHEN THEY ARE OLDER!!!

Always Remember: "Swimming isn't just a sport, it's a Necessity!"

It's a lot of work for parents to take their kids to swim lessons but remember this is a very important safety skill. This time of the year, there are always several drownings due to the fact that children were not educated in water safety. Get them in lessons! You will have less worry when they are asked to go to a pool party!!!



"Where Swimming Isn't Just a Sport, it's a Necessity!"

  • "The water is your friend—you don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move." —Alexandr Popov
  • At LSI, we encourage kids to say, "I will try," with many incentives to get over their fear.
  • At LSI, we teach year around, since swimming should not just be a seasonal sport.
  • As Dory put it in Finding Nemo, "When life gets you down, Just Keep Swimming!"
  • ~Susanne & staff

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