My Story

My name is Susanne Van Buren. Lifestyle Swimming Instruction began in 2004 years ago in an outdoor salt water pool. My only instructor was my daughter at 10 years old. She was a competitive swimmer back then, also. We have met some amazing people in our journey with LSI. We thank each and every one of you for your support through all these years! We have been instructing at our current indoor salt water pool since 2005. We average about 9 instructors now. Each instructor is trained to have the best quality of instruction, so we all teach alike.

I teach parents also to be consistent with their children, since swimming needs to be a strong sport in everyone’s life. With consistency they can compete and strive for excellence as you see in the pictures on this page. This particular student started with LSI at 5 years old. She was very afraid of putting her head under water. With every week of privates and sometimes more, along with some group classes she was hooked on swimming. We teach technique before speed so we do not have to work on bad habits. Her goal was to compete in 25 yards of butterfly when she was 8 years old. She won! During these high school years, she continues to do privates as much as she can and is quite a competitive high school and year around swimmer with much dedication, consistency and training. She loves to “fly!”

I had a great fear of the water in all of my growing-up years. The actual term for this is “aqua phobia,” which means persistent and abnormal fear of water. My whole life changed when I learned to be confident in the water. If you have aqua phobia you are not alone! My adult students come out of my program stronger swimmers than their friends who have learned to swim on their own or with swimming lessons that didn’t teach technique.

Learning to swim stretches anyone’s boundaries—at any age. I strongly believe that swimming isn’t just a sport…it’s a necessity! I never considered teaching swim lessons until my children struggled with it. I wanted a different road for them. I saw a need for swim lessons here in Boise, and decided to become WSI, SCW and a USA Swimming Safety Certified Coach. Combined with a background in elementary education, I have been given a gift that I enjoy sharing with others! This is why I started LSI.

We specialize in helping both children (6 months and up) and adults at any level. Whether it’s overcoming a fear, achieving a personal goal for competitive swimmers or triathletes, or simply learning to be safe in and around the water, we ensure that you will have fun and build life-long memories!