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Why is technique so important?

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Random Thoughts

At LSI, we start with those cute little babies and show them the love of the water. As they grow older, we show them the love of learning to swim in the water.  We work with them, play with them, encourage them, coach them, and help them strive for success so we can hear their successful stories when they go on a vacation or even compete on a swim team and do WELL!  That’s what LSI is all about!  We are here to teach and train with love, technique, and efficiency! Speed comes after they understand the “how to swim!”

People often ask, “How soon can my child learn to swim?”  We do not encourage them to just get across the pool quickly, but we do show them how to get across the pool so they do not have to worry about where the end of the pool is!


We are often taking pictures of our lessons and activities, and the easiest way to make them all available to everyone is to post them on our SmugMug account. Click the button below for the latest available photos, which will be updated whenever new photos are added.

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