Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to provide certified quality swim lessons in a safe and fun environment, taught by passionate teachers. While learning water safety and proper techniques you also gain confidence, stay active, and develop a love for the water.

1. Safety — Children must be able to trust their teacher before they can learn. We demonstrate behaviors that show children (and you) that we will always keep them protected and safe.

2. Love — Children must feel important and cared about before they can trust. We train instructors to demonstrate and show children we care about them even if they are having a bad day.

3. Fun — Children learn through play. Play is important for children so we keep the lessons fun, challenging and creative!

4. Love of Learning — At LSI we believe that children who develop a love of learning have a skill that will be valuable throughout life. We provide an opportunity for children to experience and witness the excitement of accepting challenges, the thrill of overcoming obstacles, and the adventure of learning a new skill! Never hold your child back due to cries—learning can be hard, but starting early pays off. They will always thank you for teaching them to never give up!!!

5. Developmentally Appropriate — At LSI we believe that children learn best when they are taught in ways that are sensitive to their stage of development. All lessons are designed and taught according to what is socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively appropriate for each particular age group and ability of each child.

6. Build Confidence — Year-round swimming provides the fastest results and helps build confidence in the water! That is why we encourage our swimmers to continue lessons during the fall and winter months.

7. Health — Exercise is so important to our health. Water exercise is easy on your joints and helps you and your children build strength, flexibility, and endurance in the pool and for other sports.