Private Lessons

All private lessons are on held on Mondays. Please e-mail or text Susanne a time frame that works with your schedule, if you have not already been assigned a time. Susanne will respond back with your exact time. Payment in the form of cash or check is taken at the time of class.

Sorry, but there are no make-ups for private lessons. Each instructor comes and waits for their assigned lesson, so please understand that we require at least 24-hours’ notice to cancel your lesson or payment is still due. If you are not sure about a Monday we have off, please see our Pool Closures page. Thank you!

Sign Up Here

Before you can sign up for a class session, you must register with our scheduling system.  Just click the blue “Register” button below and fill out the forms.  It will take you to a “Select a Class Below” screen where you will scroll down to the bottom and click Class: Private Registration, then submit the form.  Most of our privates are on Mondays, however, many adults come in the early morning hours and we do some privates before our afternoon group classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please send an email and follow up with text messages so Susanne knows what time frame you need.  Susanne will get back with you on your exact time, once the schedule is completed (usually the evening before if you are new or if there is a holiday break).  Please READ the chalkboard when you come in so you know what to expect on the days you are here. To make sure you stay on the schedule: Please Check the Box by the student’s name when you come in so you are automatically on the schedule for the following week.  Please check when Lifestyle Swimming Instruction is closed, so you do not come to class on a day we are not here.  Thank you!