Group Lesson Schedules

Remember, swimming is year-around here at LSI so we do not forget the muscle memory and the importance of this most technical & safety sport for all ages! We all stay warm in the cold months at LSI in our 86° salt water pool.

Group sessions are on Wednesdays and Fridays for 3-weeks. However, there are times we have to change the schedule some, due to school starting, holidays or our family time. We may go into the 4th week if there is a day off during the time scheduled. To see our planned days off for the group sessions, please check our Pool Closures page. 

All Session Dates

Please read all bullets for info on lessons!

  • Sessions will have a total of six days each—two times a week (Wednesdays & Fridays) for 45 minutes for three weeks each month.
  • Note:  We will be doing some extra private lesson days on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays during the summer months.  We will keep you posted when those will be.
  • Note: Please pay close attention to dates so you do not come when class is not in session.
  • Make-ups: You will be able to make up within the session as long as it’s approved by Susanne. We will have a make up time if classes are too full.
  • Registration: You will need to fill out all registration pages online for the class you choose prior to coming into the class. All this is done online, so there is no paperwork. All payment is made at time of class when you enter the pool. There are no payments taken online.
  • Note: Only the current session will be available for sign-up.  Future sessions will be online and ready for registration during the end of the current session, so there is no confusion what date you signed up for.

November 28, 30

  • Classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays.  This month we will skip the week of Thanksgiving, since school is out and resume the last week of November.
  • Please mark these days on your calendars so you do not come when we are not in session.  There will be NO BREAK after this session before the next one starts, so we will see you on DEC 5.
  • All payments due the first day of class when you enter the pool.

December 5 – 14

  • PLEASE NOTE:  This session there is NO break from the previous session. 
  • Classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays for 2 weeks.
  • We have many instructors leaving the 2nd week to go back home with their families, so you are able to make up during other upcoming sessions during the new year or do make ups within this 2 week session.

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Private Lesson Schedules

Private lessons are offered on Mondays and occasionally during the week.

To register for a private lesson, please contact Susanne with the students’ name(s), contact information and time frame that will fit your schedule.

To avoid being charged in full for lessons you cannot attend, a minimum 24-hour notice is required for cancelations.

Read more about Private Lessons